The Mount Ward Alumni Association is committed to seeing the students of Mount Ward Primary School achieve their potential, and aims to assist them in reaching their academic goals. Consistent with our mission statement, there are four scholarships awarded annually to Mount Ward Primary School graduates continuing their education and attending area high schools.

Scholarship recipients are selected only if they are proven to be in need of financial assistance. They demonstrate desirable character traits such as strong leadership skills amongst their peers. In order to be considered for a scholarship, students must receive the blessing of their grade 6 teacher in the form of a recommendation. In addition to achieving a high score on the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT – Jamaica’s national high school entrance exam), applicants must also be involved within the community, and submit a 250 word essay for review.


Myrtle Blagrove Scholarship

Named after the former Principal of Mount Ward Primary School


Ruth Beckford-Walker Scholarship

Named after former Vice Principal of Mount Ward Primary School


Ashley James Scholarship

In honor of the former student of Mount Ward Primary School, and founding member of the Mount Ward School Past Students Association


Veronica Smith-Harris Scholarship

Named after the former student of Mount Ward Primary School, and former Principal with Jamaica’s Ministry of Education


In addition to the above named scholarships, the Mount Ward Alumni Association awards two scholarships annually to Canadian students of Jamaican ancestry, cultural heritage/background, or nationality.

These recipients are students entering their first year at College or University and must have successfully completed the Ontario Ministry of Education, Grade 12 curriculum. Recipients are selected based on high academic achievement and their involvement in the community, particularly the black community.

Check back soon for more information on this year’s scholarship recipients, as the names of the chosen students will soon be announced.