The Mount Ward Alumni Association, formally known as the Mount Ward School Past Students Association, was founded in 1997 in the city of Toronto ON, Canada, by a group of former students of Mount Ward Primary School. The objective being, to give back to the community from which they came, by assisting the school in improving educational facilities, the learning environment, and opportunities for its students.

The formation of this association came in response to an urgent need to assist the school and its students. The school itself was in dire need of repair, supplies, and teaching aids. The funds raised help to ensure that each student is able to achieve their potential, by providing some basic necessities such as lunches, snacks, and school supplies, as well as sports, music, scholarships, and general maintenance for the facility itself.

The Mount Ward Alumni Association is a not for profit organization which is comprised of volunteer members only. All funds raised are directed to the school for the sole benefit of the school and its students.

As a direct result of the vision, commitment, and dedication of the 7 founding members of the Mount Ward Alumni Association, Mount Ward Primary School and its students have enjoyed many improvements and changes made over the years. The Mount Ward Alumni Association itself has also evloved and now consists of 17 volunteer members, and numerous supporters.