President’s Message

“The Mount Ward Alumni Association was established in 1997. Its goal is to provide assistance to the students at Mount Ward Primary School in all aspects of their educational needs. The assistance ranges from breakfast/lunch program, sporting activities, major upgrading of the school’s infrastructure to offering scholarships. At the same time making sure that there is proper maintenance and up keep of the physical facility.

As a church school built on land donated by Rev. Ward, Mount Ward Primary School is built on the concept of a progressive, community- wide education. Its philosophy embraces and supports the active involvement of parents, teachers and the wider community in its operation. This broad based participation is seen as a key factor in motivating students to learn. As Maya Angelou states “Put a rainbow in someone’s cloud”.

Mount Ward Primary School strives to give students a wide range of opportunities, so that they can flourish and achieve their fullest potential with a disciplined school environment that is purposeful and stimulating. I believe that every student has a right to learn in a caring, safe and supportive environment.

The Alumni Association undertakes to assist the school in improving its educational facilities; your support is appreciated to help in alleviating the overcrowded conditions. Mother Theresa once said “Intense does not have measures it just gives”.

It is a well known fact that education is a key component in determining one’s life path. It is also one of the contributing factors to success and helps in making an individual a rounded member of our society.”


Mervin Witter

President and Chair of Scholarship Committee

Mount Ward Alumni Association


Profile of Mervin Witter

Mervin Witter is a past student of Mount Ward Primary School, where he passed the First and Second Jamaica Local Examinations. Mervin then attended Knockalva Rural Secondary Technical School.

Upon graduation from Knockalva, he spent two years working at Bellevue Hospital for the Jamaican Ministry of Health. Mervin successfully completed one “O” level subject while employed at Bellevue. He then worked in the Marketing Department for the Ministry of Trade and Industry, before joining the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

Mervin Witter joined the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) in the Fall of 1962, and graduated in 1963 at the top of his class, receiving the award of “Best at Law and Police Duties”. He served in the Criminal Records Office, where he was promoted to Detective and transferred to Flying Squad. While a member of the JCF, he was successful in three “O” level subjects. He then attended extramural classes at the University of the West Indies, studying Economics.

Mr. Witter migrated to Canada in 1967, where he worked as an Insurance Sales Representative. He later joined the Goderich Police Service and was promoted to the rank of Sergeant after only four and half years of service.

Mervin graduated from the University of Western Ontario in London with an Honours Bachelors Degree in Sociology, and a minor in Political Science. He also graduated from the University of Windsor with both a Bachelor of Education Degree, and a Masters of Education Degree, specializing in Guidance and Counseling. He is trained in Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Mediation, and obtained his certificates from the Faculty of Law at the University of Windsor.

Mervin Witter has over 35 years of experience in organizational and community development, program design, and management leadership. He encompasses expertise in human rights, race relations, law enforcement, policing advocacy development and management. He has a focus of promoting racial and cultural awareness, equity and diversity in Canada. Mervin was employed by the Ontario Government in the Human Rights Commission and has held the positions of Race Relations Officer, Investigator, Regional Manager and Acting Director of Compliance. During his employment with the Ontario Government, he has organized and established Human Rights and Race Relations Committees in several communities in Southern Ontario. These Human Rights Committees focused primarily on sensitivity awareness. He was a founding member of the Hamilton Mayor’s Diversity and Race Relations Committee. Mervin was also a member of the City of Toronto Equity and Diversity Committee.

In 1989, Mervin Witter was hired by the Canadian Government in the Canadian Human Rights Commission, and held the position of Director of the Ontario Region. Mr. Witter held this position until his retirement from the Public Service.

Mervin has over 30 years of volunteer service and experience with numerous boards and community organizations. He is presently a Board Member for the Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant Local Health Integration Network, as well as the Wellwood Cancer Support Board (a cancer resource organization). Mervin also sings with a community choir called the Guava Tree Choir in Hamilton.

Mervin volunteers as an Official with Athletics Canada and Athletics Ontario, where he is a Level Five Starter and a Level Two Race Walk Judge. He has had the privilege of starting races involving some of the world’s greatest sprinters, such as Mark McKoy, Donovan Bailey, Don Drummond (USA), Desai Williams, Bruny Surin, Glenroy Gilbert, Ben Johnson, Andrew Carson (USA), Ainsley Crawford (Trinidad), Karen Clark, Carlton Chambers, Angela Bailey, Molly Killenbeck, Angela Isijenko, Perdida Filicien, Prescila Lopes, and his own daughter Erica Witter who is a Canadian Olympian. He is presently working on his Grade Five level as a Starter, which is the top level.

Mr. Mervin Witter has received numerous awards and recognitions, which include but are not limited to the following:

North Halton Cultural Awareness Council Award for Human Rights (1998)

John C. Holland Professional Award (1999)

Jamaica Foundation Award for Community Work (2000)

Association of Progressive Muslims of Ontario Award (2000)

Ontario Government Service Award for volunteer work – Ontario Ministry of Citizenship (2003 & 2008)

B’Nai Brith Award for Human Rights and Race Relations

Ontario Federal Council Leadership Through Collaboration Award (2003)

Toronto Transit Commission Appreciation Award for Human Rights (2003)

In 2012, Mr. Witter received a certificate of appreciation from the Hon. Lisa Hanna, Jamaican Minister of Youth and Culture for his contribution in the organization of the Jamaica 50th Anniversary Celebration in Hamilton.